In honor of today’s super “warm” temps I’m throwing it back to this Summer’s 40th birthday pool party for Marcia! We’ve all seen those TikTok trends for color themed parties and they are SO fun. Each guest was assigned a color that they would then bring goodies and dress in that color scheme. Of course the birthday girl had rainbow for her color. It’s neat to see how creative guests get with their assigned color from wigs to various unique foods/drinks.

The day couldn’t be any hotter as you’ll see by the flowers (hello over 100 degree temps!), so a pool party was just what the birthday girl needed. I was honored to help out Marcia’s gal pals with her 40th birthday party; providing a fun photo op wall and cocktail wall. She is that girl that isn’t afraid to meet someone new and makes everyone feel special when they are in her presence. This time around it was all about her feeling special and the theme was just like her – colorful, fun, and unique! Cheers to 40 years Marcia!

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