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Where are my breakfast people? I’ve never been a huge breakfast person, but my little guy Connor is the ultimate morning person. He loves to wake happy and the first thing he says is “mom, I’ll take some pancakes, a side of eggs, grapes, healthy yogurt, and some orange juice!” No joke this kid could clean out a breakfast buffet in no time.

That being said, we like to make homemade pancakes when we have time and on special occasions, including Easter! We have a family recipe for homemade from scratch feathered pancakes that are THE best. Granted we don’t make them exactly like grandma, because she fries them in a cast iron skillet with oil; they are still easy and delicious. Feel free to try it out both our way and the grandma way!

I headed over to the local HyVee grocery store to gather up all the ingredients to put these delicious hotcakes together. To add a little Easter flair we created them with our mini Dash bunny waffle/pancake maker from Bed, Bath, & Beyond. This little device is so fun! Pancakes on one side and waffles on the other make for the best of both worlds! They also cook in less than a minute, so everyone can have breakfast in a jiffy!

Of course, an Easter brunch wouldn’t be complete without a festive table setting. I love a good setting, and Easter is no exception. Throw in some fresh pink tulips from the HyVee floral department and you’re set for a beautiful Easter family brunch!

Scroll down to get the secret family pancake recipe. Try it out and let us know your thoughts!

Tulip tip: Be sure to cut your tulips at an angle before placing into your fresh water filled vase, and remove any loose leaves at the base of your stems to prevent bacterial growth in the water!


-1 Cup of That’s Smart! Flour

-2 TSP. Clabber Girl Baking Powder

-2 TBSP. That’s Smart Sugar

-1/2 TSP. Salt

-1 HyVee Grade A Egg (room temp)

-2 TBSP. HyVee Unsalted Butter (melted)

-3/4-1 Cup That’s Smart Milk

-Optional toppings: Coconut Milk Reddi-Wip Cream, Pastel M&M’s, and Fresh Fruit!

Add these items to your HyVee online shopping cart for a quicker shopping experience!


Melt your butter and set aside to cool slightly. Then take your egg and crack it open and combine with the butter. Wisk together! Grab a large bowl and mix together all of your dry ingredients. Once you’ve mixed all of your dry ingredients you’ll want to slowly add in your butter and egg mixture.

After combining all ingredients I slowly add in my milk until it reaches the right consistently. Some like thicker, more dense cakes and I like mine a little lighter and fluffier, so I use almost the full cup.

Take your non-stick spray and pour one spoonful of batter to fill your bunny waffle maker. Pair with some HyVee Orange Juice!


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